Medical Cannabis Solutions

Rhizo Sciences is a Cannabis Consulting, Development and Management company specialising in turnkey solutions for cGMP Manufacturing and international export.

We are based in Seattle, Washington, and bring 8 years of expertise in Medical Cannabis cultivation, extraction, manufacturing and distribution.

We now focus on developing pharmaceutical grade export facilities internationally, as well a highly compliant GMP facilities in North America.

Our turnkey solutions for cannabis cultivation, extraction and product manufacture mean we can rapidly executive new projects in different locations.

We’ve used this capability to develop a worldwide network of medical cannabis manufacturing facilities, letting us export to any legal market worldwide, as well as many US states.

Wholesale Medical Cannabis, Hemp and CBD Products

Rhizo Sciences has issued offtake agreements with large scale medical cannabis producers and hemp farmers to supply wholesale medical cannabis, High CBD Hemp flower, Industrial Hemp,  and Hemp Biomass to approved purchasers.

We also supply cannabis and Cannabidiol extracts such as CBD Oil, CBD Distillate and CBD isolate in legal markets. Note that we can only sell cannabis or cannabidiol products to qualified purchasers with proof of funds and necessary licenses and permits.

Medical Cannabis, Hemp and CBD Consulting Services

Rhizo Sciences also consults on medical cannabis cultivation, processing, supply chains and product development. We specialise in large scale commercial operations, including go to market strategy and product and brand development.

Learn more about our large scale medical cannabis and hemp-derived CBD solutions, projects and industry outlook.

To learn more about our capability, download our brochure:

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